Interview discusses NSW Liberal pre-selections and the International Panel on Climate Change report.

Interview discusses the Gippsland offshore wind announcement, net zero emissions and defence spending

Interview discussed the Gippsland offshore wind announcement and the IPCC report

Announcement of $140 million funding from the Commonwealth for the Marinus Link project and the Tarraleah Power Station Redevelopment

$50 million gas infrastructure projects; gas shortage crisis

$33 million funding announcement for the Turbine precinct development

Interview discusses global gas and oil prices, war in Ukraine, $50 million priority gas investments, AdBlue, Un Secretary-General speech, emissions reduction.

Interview discusses the war in Ukraine, coal for Ukraine, oil and gas prices, $50 million for priority gas investment, renewable energy, batteries, emissions reduction.

Modern Manufacturing Initiative, Covid booster shot, flood funding package, crude oil price, aluminium supply

MELINDA JAMES: Big announcement due at BlueScope Steel at Port Kembla later on this morning. Federal Government funding for a new advanced steel manufacturing plant.