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About RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are an easy and simple way for websites to share information to users. They allow the user to access a regularly-updated feed of information that the user's RSS reader can access, format, and notify the user of new information.

Available feeds

This website has a very flexible way to provide feeds.

All ministerial content, except galleries, are available as RSS feeds.

To obtain a feed, you just need to specify what kind of content, and from which minister, you would like the feed to contain.

All feeds are constructed as a URL, in the format[minister]/[type]/rss.xml. Simply replace [minister] and [feed] with the content you wish to view. You can easily find out the 'minister' keyword by locating the ministers' content on the site first. The keyword (usually the minister's last name) will be visible in the URL.

You will also need a feed reader. Some Internet browsers have their own feed readers, or you may need to use a stand alone reader or browser add-on.


It's that easy!