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Interview discusses National Hydrogeological Inventory of Great Artesian Basin, Critical minerals strategy.

Interview discusses Future Gas Strategy Consultation Paper release, the need for gas into the future, electric battery manufacture and storage.

Interview discusses critical minerals, agreement with France and resources.

Interview discusses the Glen Innes High School graduation, setting Australia up for the future in climate and energy, Inflation Reduction Act, and Australian manufacturing.

Press conference discusses ResTech's Living Lab, the National Reconstruction Fund, the Voice to Parliament referendum, and the Molycop closure.

Interview discusses deployment of renewable-research hubs; Net-zero transition; Offshore wind turbines; Artificial intelligence.

Interview discusses the Voice referendum, PRRT changes, and carbon capture and storage.

Interview discusses Australia-China trade; Australia-European Union trade relations; Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030; and reindustrialisation of the economy.

Interview discusses economic importance of the resource sector, Hydrogen Head Start Program, and climate change.

Interview discusses northern Australia, critical minerals and rare earths industry, iron ore industry, nuclear waste storage.