Interview discusses mandatory country of origin labelling for seafood in hospitality settings; Foreign Minister’s trip to Beijing; Australian lobster industry.

Doorstop interview discusses bushfire season, new air tanker to join WA’s aerial fleet, Minister Wong’s trip to China.

Press conference discusses Infrabuild, Energy Relief Bill, manufacturing Jobs, Australian Republic Movement, and National Energy Performance Strategy.

Interview discusses Recall of Parliament, Energy Price Relief Plan

Interview discusses savings on energy bills, electrifying homes, support of the Greens, bargaining framework.

Interview discusses passage of new energy legislation, Australian manufacturers, bargaining framework

Interview discusses 12-month price cap, windfall profits tax, reasonable price mechanism

Interview discusses Shell and Woodside gas supplies to east coast; gas and electricity price rises; super profits tax.

Interview discusses National Rail Manufacturing Plan; Building more trains in Australia; High Speed Rail Authority Bill; Energy Price Relief Plan

Interview discusses gas market, energy prices