Bilateral talks with China; Australia-China trade relations; Senator Lidia Thorpe leaving the Greens

Doorstop discusses the Veterans and Families Hub, NDIS, radioactive capsule, PEP-11, the Voice to Parliament.

Press conference at Energy Renaissance, Tomago, NSW, includes announcement on the National battery strategy

Interview discusses the World Economic Forum 2023 Annual Meeting, Australia-China trade discussions, the National Reconstruction Fund and industry policy priorities, and the Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement.

Remarks discuss electrifying aviation, the National Battery Strategy and Round 14 of Cooperative Research Centre Projects. 

Interview discusses gas price cap, electricity rebates, JobSeeker payments and Voice to parliament.

Interview discusses critical minerals, Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, Hastings Technology, rare earths.

Interview discusses the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, the Prime Minister’s visit to Papua New Guinea, and the Government’s proposal for mandatory country of origin labelling for seafood.

Interview discusses the proposed nuclear waste facility in Kimba, meeting with the community, judicial review by traditional owners, cultural heritage management plan.

Doorstop discusses County of Origin Labelling for Seafood.