PETER STEFANOVIC: Well, an Australian made Rover is heading to the moon for the first time in the nation's history.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: Okay. Let's get more now on the news of Australia's deal with NASA for a future moon mission.

NATALIE BARR: Now, for the first time in history Australia is headed to the Moon. We have partnered with NASA to send an Aussie-built rover on a future lunar mission.

Interview discusses hydrogen hubs, Darwin, Beetaloo gas, geosequestration, energy exports to Japan.

Interview discusses nuclear power, hydrogen, Minister Christian Porter's resignation from the Cabinet and Australia's submarine contract.

Interview discusses hydrogen hubs, Gladstone, cyber security, energy security, AUKUS, nuclear power, Christian Porter, interim ministerial arrangements.

Interview discusses ellectricity market reforms, electricity prices, renewable energy, electricity generation

Interview discusses National Electricity Market reforms, renewable energy, emissions reduction, coal and gas generation, affordable energy, rooftop solar

Interview discusses global emissions, Australian emissions, industry consultations, energy hubs

Interview discusses COVID vaccine roll-out and developments in Afghanistan.