Interview discusses the Ukraine gas supply to Europe; supply of and price of gas to Australian manufacturers and households; response to ACCC report; Australia as a trading partner; allegations of bullying, homophobia and sexual harassment of Australians sent to work in Antarctica; and National Cabinet meeting today.

Interview discusses Heads of Agreement with LNG exporters, domestic gas supply

Media conference discusses new Heads of Agreement with LNG exporters, domestic gas supply, critical minerals

Interview discusses CSIRO involvement in NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test

Interview discusses Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex; NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test; Optus Data Breach; National Science Priorities, Productivity Commission Interim Report, and the National Reconstruction Fund.

Interview discusses ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand free trade agreement; Europe-Australia free trade agreement; Australia-France relations; National Reconstruction Fund; Lifting Australia up the value chain.

Interview discusses COVID payments, Norco factory and the Lismore community.

Interview discusses the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Interview discusses Jobs and Skills Summit; visa process for skilled migrants; fee-free TAFE; women in STEM.

Doorstop discusses Jobs and Skills Summit, Pensioner Work Bonus, multi-employer bargaining, Paid Parental Leave, childcare