Interview discusses the National Reconstruction Fund, AUKUS, the nuclear-powered submarine deal and the four-day working week.

Interview discusses the AUKUS agreement and the National Reconstruction Fund.

Interview discusses passage of the National Reconstruction Fund legislation through the House of Representatives. 

Press conference discusses National Reconstruction Fund; Growth of manufacturing; Manufacturing jobs; Green’s amendments; Government capital and the US; Treatment of coal and gas; Preclusion of carbon capture projects; Revenue from NRF; Defence capability and NRF; Battery manufacture and resources; Work force numbers and skills for submarines.

Interview discusses Paid Parental Leave legislation, the National Reconstruction Fund, cost of living, changes to superannuation and live sheep exports. 

Interview discusses changes to superannuation; ADF contracts; the National Reconstruction Fund and local manufacturing.

Interview discusses superannuation changes, taxation, manufacturing opportunities, the National battery strategy, manufacturing costs in Australia and selling at higher prices, robotics, circular economy and the National Reconstruction Fund. 

Interview discusses seafood country of origin labelling and the Port of Newcastle.

Interview discusses seafood country of origin labelling, silicosis and occupational health and safety, Australia-China trade relations, the Voice to Parliament

Interview discusses changes to superannuation, manufacturing in Western Australia, May Budget, National Reconstruction Fund