The Hon Madeleine King MP Transcripts

interview discusses climate change compact with the US, Government loans to American investors, lithium exports.

Interview discusses climate, critical minerals and the Clean Energy Transformation Compact, lithium spodumene mines in WA, US Inflation Reduction Act – Australian business investing.

Interview discusses the ASPI Darwin critical minerals and rare earth dialogue, safeguards mechanism.

Interview discusses IPCC climate report, safeguard mechanism, manufacturing, Victorian gas fields.

Press conference discusses the opening of CBH Group’s Fertiliser Facility in Kwinana.

Interview discusses Australian gas supply, resource management and Paul Keating’s AUKUS comments. 

Interview discusses trade delegations in Mumbai, critical minerals and India’s commitment to renewable energy. 

Interview discusses expansion of Port Hedland, regional infrastructure

Interview discusses the Greens' demand to stop all new coal and gas projects, climate triggers, gas wholesale prices.

Doorstop discusses the Veterans and Families Hub, NDIS, radioactive capsule, PEP-11, the Voice to Parliament.