The Hon Tim Wilson MP Transcripts

Interview discusses NSW Liberal pre-selections and the International Panel on Climate Change report.

Interview discusses the Gippsland offshore wind announcement, net zero emissions and defence spending

Interview discussed the Gippsland offshore wind announcement and the IPCC report

Interview discusses the Daintree renewable microgrid

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Tim Wilson's the Assistant Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction, and he's the Liberal MP for the seat of Goldstein. Tim Wilson. Good afternoon.

Luke Grant: Now, the coalition says it is making ultra low cost solar technology a priority in a bid to reduce energy costs, lower emissions and of course, deliver more jobs now.

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Tim Wilson joins us he is the Assistant Minister to the Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction.

PETER STEFANOVIC: Turning to one of our top stories now, Labor is leading as the favourite among voters to win the next election.

Interview discusses the Victorian pandemic bill and tax changes.

Interview discusses Future Fuels Strategy, electric vehicles and the Commonwealth Integrity Commission.