Press conference at opening of CBH Group’s Fertiliser Facility in Kwinana, WA

Press conference
Opening of CBH Group’s Fertiliser Facility in Kwinana.

INTERVIEWER: And so, I guess with that federal perspective there, Madeleine. So how will this help improve food security, not just for Australia, but at local markets? 

MINISTER MADELEINE KING: Well, CBH has been a supplier of grain to great international trading partners such as Indonesia and Japan for many, many years. Since this facility first started exporting grain in 1977, it's been an iconic part of the community here at Kwinana. It connects Kwinana to the magnificent wheatbelt that produces so much grain for so many. This facility feeds the world and no less than that. And adding the fertiliser plant to this institution will be really important. It provides a security of input for the growers themselves, and that is vital. It also will help to reduce the costs for growers, which is enormously important as we see costs going up all around the world. So, this is an excellent step by CBH, a magnificent investment by the growers and the work of the ward, and I congratulate them all in this effort. 

INTERVIEWER: That’s the only question I needed.