Interview with Stela Todorovic

Stela Todorovic
CSIRO involvement in NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test

STELA TODOROVIC: What a moment, we just witnessed history here.

ED HUSIC, MINISTER FOR INDUSTRY AND SCIENCE: It is a huge moment because it shows the power of Australian know-how contributing to a global effort in a project this big, and it was amazing to be able to be here, to see that moment where that work had been done, to basically, have something the size of a fridge slam into something size of a pyramid, 11 million kilometres away at a speed of 6.6 kilometres second. It takes a lot of work, driven out of the US, but working with us here in Australia, and I'm hugely proud of the CSIRO team who has contributed to this international effort.

STELA TODOROVIC: We got to speak to a few people that are working on this project here and they have so much knowledge. When you think about the future of science in Australia, there are so many opportunities for young children to get into this, to be part of projects like this, that could change the way we respond to a major crisis.

ED HUSIC: And these are moments that should reinvigorate our faith in Australian smarts, and it should also be an inspiration for the next generation as well. For young people who can see what Australians have been able to contribute to the world, this is a big moment and we should take the time to recognise that and to build on it. I think where Australian ideas contribute to national well-being is a really big priority for us and it's something that we all need to play a part in and just take that moment to say we've done something really well.

STELA TODOROVIC: Thank you so much.

ED HUSIC: Thank you.