The Hon Ed Husic MP Transcripts

Interview discusses monitoring high-risk AI technologies; Julian Assange to return to Australia; and the humanitarian crisis in Rafah.

Interview discusses panel on AI regulation and women in STEM.

Press conference discusses the Government’s interim response on the safe and responsible use of artificial intelligence; Israel-Hamas conflict.

Doorstop discusses National Reconstruction Fund; Industry Growth Program; Israel-Hamas conflict.

Interview discusses electric vehicle battery manufacturing in Indonesia; Australia-Indonesia relationship; and Israel-Gaza conflict.

Interview discuses deal with Indonesia for delivering batteries for EVs; foreign relations; and humanitarian pause in Israel-Hamas War.

Interview discusses artificial intelligence month and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Interview discusses Bletchley Declaration; The future of AI technology; Hamas-Israel conflict

Interview discusses the responsible use of AI, the Bletchley Declaration, and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Interview discusses Microsoft's partnership with the Australian Government; the Israel-Hamas conflict