The Hon Ed Husic MP Transcripts

Interview discusses the Ukraine gas supply to Europe; supply of and price of gas to Australian manufacturers and households; response to ACCC report; Australia as a trading partner; allegations of bullying, homophobia and sexual harassment of Australians sent to work in Antarctica; and National Cabinet meeting today.

Interview discusses CSIRO involvement in NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test

Interview discusses Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex; NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test; Optus Data Breach; National Science Priorities, Productivity Commission Interim Report, and the National Reconstruction Fund.

Interview discusses the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Interview discusses Jobs and Skills Summit; visa process for skilled migrants; fee-free TAFE; women in STEM.

Doorstop discusses Jobs and Skills Summit, Pensioner Work Bonus, multi-employer bargaining, Paid Parental Leave, childcare

Interview discusses pensioner workers; increased migrant capacity; women’s representation at the Jobs and Skills Summit

Interview discusses Jobs and Skills Summit; skilled migration; Victorian government’s proposal for nursing and midwifery degrees; tech industry jobs; COSBOA and ACTU agreement on small business.

Interview discusses the Royal Commission into Robodebt; Modern Manufacturing Initiative; Jobs and Skills Summit; and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

Interview discusses Electric Vehicles, National Skills Week, Critical Technologies, Modern Manufacturing Initiative.