Quantum breakthrough to fuel Australian Industry

Today the Australian quantum computing company Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC) has announced the world’s first integrated circuit manufactured at the atomic scale two years ahead of schedule and is leading the world in developing silicon-based quantum computing. 

Led by Professor Michelle Simmons AO, SQC has created an integrated quantum processor to accurately model the quantum states of a small, organic polyacetylene molecule which will help create new materials. 

The scientific breakthrough will allow SQC help industries construct quantum models for a range of new products such as pharmaceuticals, materials for batteries and catalysts. 

The Australian Government welcomes the breakthrough and is committed to backing critical and emerging technologies to provide the country with a clear competitive advantage in the sector. 

The Government has announced an investment of $1 billion in the form of a Critical Technology Fund as part of the broader National Reconstruction Fund. This will help to support home-grown innovation and production in areas like engineering, data science, software development, AI, robotics and quantum. 

To ensure the continuous growth and supercharge the quantum computing industry, the Government is providing $4 million for up to 20 PhDs in quantum research to support universities establish national research and education partnerships. 

There are over 17 quantum related companies in Australia which have received combined funding and investment of over $400 million across the breadth of Quantum technology types, hardware, software and consultancy capability in recent years. 

SQC is Australia’s world leading Quantum company developing a silicon-based quantum computer. Professor Michelle Simmons is SQC’s founder who recently launched a $130 million Series A capital raising to fund the next phase of the computers development. 

Quotes attributable to Minister Husic:

“SQC’s breakthrough in quantum computing is big news and a terrific reflection on the quality of local know-how. It’s providing a clear pathway for new and emerging technologies to support our world class industries. 

“Australia’s research capabilities lay the foundations to build a strong quantum industry both domestically and with our like-minded international partners. 

“Quantum technology breakthroughs in communications, sensing and computing boost this strategically important sector, which is estimated to deliver $4 billion in economic growth and 16,000 new jobs by 2040.”

Media contact: 

Minister Husic's Office: 02 6277 7070