Albanese Government delivers $18.4 million national centre to grow quantum industry

The Albanese Government has awarded $18.4 million to the University of Sydney to establish ‘Quantum Australia’ to help grow the quantum industry and quantum ecosystem in Australia.

Australia consistently ranks within the world’s top five countries for high impact quantum research and quantum computing patents. With one of the largest quantum workforces in the world, Australia is now the home of world-leading companies in quantum software, cybersecurity, sensing technologies and quantum computing.  

The new national centre, Quantum Australia, will raise awareness of quantum technology, foster collaboration between industry and universities, encourage the creation and growth of more quantum startups, and connect quantum companies on a national and international scale. 

Quantum Australia will bring together some of Australia’s leading research institutions, industry partners and quantum companies, and will have a broad reach both at home and abroad.

Quantum Australia will help grow the Australian quantum industry by:

  • supporting the adoption, development and commercialisation of quantum technologies and fostering collaborative research and development to drive innovation;
  • building connections and driving collaborations across industry, research and government in the quantum ecosystem, both nationally and internationally;
  • increasing awareness and educating industries across the broader economy and society on the implications and opportunities of emerging quantum technologies; and
  • supporting the responsible and inclusive development of quantum technology in Australia.

We want to make more things here and Quantum Australia will help capitalise on Australia’s edge in quantum technologies and retain our position as a world-leading hub of expertise.

Establishing Quantum Australia builds on the Australian Government’s broader work to implement actions outlined in the National Quantum Strategy, which sets out a long-term vision of how Australia can take advantage of the opportunities that quantum technologies present.

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Quotes attributable to the Hon. Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science:

“We want to make more things here and quantum computing will give us the technological muscle to do that.

“Australian researchers have been responsible for some of the most important quantum breakthroughs, so we have an edge in this critical technology.

“This investment and the Government’s support of quantum is about sharpening that edge and making sure it delivers an economic return for Australia in the shape of new jobs in new industries.”