The Hon Angus Taylor MP

The Hon Angus Taylor MP was sworn in as Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction on 29 May 2019

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction

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LEON BYNER: By far the biggest topic that you talk about and think about is your energy costs, for good reason. But the federal government have made some announcements and we're

ALAN JONES: I told you yesterday the Government would be unveiling a plan, which it claims will allow families and business to save hundreds of dollars a year off their power

MELINDA JAMES: I'm joined now by Energy Minister Angus Taylor. Angus Taylor, good morning.

ANGUS TAYLOR: Morning, Melinda.


SUBJECTS: More reliable and affordable power; Malcolm Turnbull

TOM CONNELL: The Government, of course, announced its latest plan on energy yesterday and joining me is the Energy Minister, Angus Taylor here in the studio. Thanks for your time.