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Statement on Ministerial appointment

26 May 2019

I am honoured to be appointed by the Prime Minister to serve as the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction.

The Morrison Government has been re-elected with a clear mandate to get on with the job of driving down wholesale and retail electricity prices while improving energy reliability and meeting our international emissions commitments.

Last year, the Government embarked on an ambitious agenda to deliver real reform for consumers.

This included abolishing the 'loyalty tax' to lock in a better deal for over 800,000 energy customers, banning sneaky late payment fees and establishing a single reference price to eliminate confusion for customers comparing competing offers.

This Government is overseeing record investment of more than $25 billion in renewable energy projects to 2021, as well as Snowy 2.0 and Battery of the Nation in Tasmania.

We have targeted a 25 per cent reduction in the average National Electricity Market wholesale price, requiring further implementation of ACCC recommendations, including underwriting new 24/7 electricity supply and competition.

The Government has also committed to the Climate Solutions Package, which includes detailed initiatives to meet our 2030 emission reduction commitments without damaging Australian industries, undermining jobs or hiking the cost of living.

Meanwhile, the commencement of the retailer reliability obligation on 1 July will provide new incentives for industry to provide reliable, 24/7 power to keep the lights on and the wheels of industry turning.

The election result has shown that Australians trust the Morrison Government to deliver on crucial energy market reforms.

I look forward to continuing to work for the Australians who have entrusted us with this incredibly important job.