Promoting Australian hydrogen through a certification scheme

The Morrison Government has today released a discussion paper on the design of an Australian hydrogen Guarantee of Origin certification scheme for consultation.

Australia aims to produce the cheapest clean hydrogen in the world and a certification scheme will help Australian hydrogen to transform industry on a global scale.  

The establishment of a hydrogen Guarantee of Origin (GO) certification scheme is a priority under Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy. 

The Hydrogen GO certification scheme will measure and track the carbon emissions from hydrogen production, enabling customers who buy hydrogen in the future to choose the product best suited to their needs. 

The scheme will also cover a variety of ways in which clean hydrogen can be produced, including from renewable sources and from methods using gas or coal with substantial carbon capture and storage. 

This consultation reaffirms Australia is taking a leading role in the development of a global clean hydrogen industry that will create new economic opportunities, drive jobs growth and reduce emissions both here and overseas. An Australian hydrogen industry could generate more than 8,000 jobs, many in regional Australia, and deliver over $11 billion a year in gross domestic product by 2050.

Hydrogen is a key priority under the Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap, which is why  the Government has invested more than $1 billion to support Australia’s clean hydrogen industry, including $275.5 million in the 2021-22 Budget to support the development of regional hydrogen hubs.

The Government has also entered into partnerships with Germany, Singapore and Japan to accelerate the development of low emissions technologies, including hydrogen, that will drive investment and job creation in Australia. 

Government welcomes input from industry and potential buyers of hydrogen to ensure the design of the scheme is optimised to industry needs. 

To contribute to the consultation process, visit

Submissions are open until 30 July 2021.

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Minister Taylor's office: 02 6277 7120