Ministerial appointment

I am honoured to serve as the Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction. I thank the Prime Minister for this appointment.  

As Minister, I will build on the Morrison Government’s work to promote and support Australian industry to ensure we have a strong, local manufacturing sector that is growing and creating more jobs. 

The Morrison Government is strengthening Australia’s sovereign capabilities to help industry capitalise on expanding market opportunities in the Indo-Pacific region, and ensure our country is well placed to deal with any challenge – such as COVID-19 – that might emerge in the future. 

I will continue to ensure that Australians have access to affordable, reliable energy, while reducing emissions. Australia’s emissions are now at 20.8% below 2005 levels, the lowest level since records began in 1990, and we are on track to meet and beat our 2030 Paris target. 

I thank the outgoing minister, the Hon Christian Porter MP, for his tireless efforts to support Australian industry and protect jobs during the pandemic.

Media contact: Minister Taylor's office 02 6277 7120