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Labor's u-turn on electric cars

4 April 2019

Joint media release with Minister for the Environment The Hon. Melissa Price MP

It has taken less than 48 hours for Labor's 'light on detail' vehicle policy to unravel.

Labor has taken just two days to do a u-turn in their electric car and demonstrate how little thought has gone into achieving their reckless emission targets.

Labor's policy unfairly targeted car dealers, making them responsible for managing Australia's transport emissions.

In a humiliating back down, Bill Shorten has pulled the handbrake and put the onus back on car manufacturers. With manufacturers all based overseas, how does he intend to enforce strict new emissions laws without adding to the cost of a new car?

Independent modelling shows that Labor's vehicle emissions plans will increase the cost of a new car by up to $4,863.

Bill Shorten has had three years to develop and consult on a plan to reach Labor's aggressive emissions targets, but the wheels are coming off as Labor fail to answer simple questions to their climate plan.

Labor can't even tell the Australian people how much carbon abatement their new carbon tax, land control laws, and transport policies will deliver - let alone the cost that will be borne by every Australian household and business.

Australia has a unique mix of regional and urban environments and diverse transport needs.

Rapidly increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road requires a plan for a multi-billion dollar investment in charging stations and supporting infrastructure, and the equity of the associated reduction in fuel excise.

The Morrison Government is supporting Australians who drive an electric vehicle, through targeted investments in charging stations and a National Electric Vehicle Strategy to coordinate federal, state and local government policy. We are doing this responsibly, without slugging every Australian at the dealership.

The Coalition has a clear plan for meeting our international targets, one that won't wreck the economy, destroy jobs and add to people's transport costs.