BP Kwinana Refinery

The Australian Government is deeply disappointed by BP’s decision to close its Kwinana Refinery in Western Australia after 65 years of operation.

The Kwinana Refinery directly employs around 650 staff and is an important contributor to the local economy.

Our thoughts are with BP’s workers, their families and local business owners who rely on the refinery for their livelihoods.

The Australian Government expects BP to deliver on its commitment to do everything it can to support workers through this challenging period.

We will work with BP and the Western Australian Government to ensure workers and the community are supported.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to place immense pressure on refineries world-wide, with demand for fuel products significantly reduced.

As BP has made clear, its decision to close the refinery was based on commercial and international factors, including the age of the refinery and overseas competition. 

Closure of the refinery will not negatively impact Australian fuel supplies.

The Government is providing support to the domestic refining sector through the JobKeeper program to maintain operations and support jobs.

Our comprehensive Fuel Security Package, announced in the 2020-21 Budget, will enhance Australia’s long-term fuel supply.

We will ensure Australia maintains a sovereign refining capability to support local industry, meet our nation’s needs during an emergency, and protect motorists from future higher prices.

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