2019 Emissions Projections Released

Updated emissions projections confirm the Liberal Nationals Government is taking real and meaningful action to reduce emissions and meet Australia's 2030 Paris target.

The Australia's Emissions Projections 2019 report, released today, outlines to the last tonne how Australia will exceed its 2030 Paris target by 16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2-e).

The improvement from the 2018 projections is primarily a result of our $3.5 billion Climate Solutions Package and continued strong emissions reductions in the electricity sector.

Since 2008, the abatement task to achieve the 2030 target has reduced by 3.4 billion tonnes (Figure 1).

The report also shows that Australia will exceed its 2020 target by 411 Mt CO2-e. As the Government has made clear before, Australia will use its over-achievement from previous targets only to the extent necessary to reach the 2030 emissions reduction target.

The new projections do not include abatement associated with technology improvements (the key driver of future emissions reductions) or the National Electric Vehicle Strategy which will be finalised in 2020.

The government is developing a technology investment roadmap to identify the most efficient deployment pathways for new technologies, to ensure Australia can continue to capitalise on low cost abatement opportunities over the near (to 2022), medium (to 2030) and long term (post 2030).

Our commitment is achievable, balanced and responsible, and is part of coordinated global action to deliver a healthy environment for future generations while keeping our economy strong.

Last month's inventory update also showed that emissions have dropped over the last year and are lower than when the Coalition came into government in 2013 or any year when Labor was last in government.

Download the report here: www.environment.gov.au/2019-projections

Figure 1 Change in the cumulative emissions reduction task over time, 2030 target