'Go Local First' campaign launch

Canberra ACT

Good morning everyone.

What a pleasure it is to be here today to launch this fantastic campaign to support our small businesses across this nation.

I want to thank every small business owner for everything you have done, you are doing and you will continue to do.

I am continually humbled and amazed by the incredible spirit, strength and adaptability of small business owners, so many of whom have felt the devastating effects of COVID-19.

We are working together to provide support and assistance to individuals and businesses to make it through these challenging times and drive Australia’s economic recovery.

The Government is unified with one primary purpose going forward, and that is to get Australians back into work.

We are working to create the real and sustainable jobs that provide the economic security for families across Australia and we are driving the economic growth that will underpin the essential services that Australians rely on.

With restrictions being gradually lifted across the country, the importance of our small and family business to the success of Australia’s economic recovery is critical.

We have over 3.5 million small and family businesses across the country, who employ nearly half the national workforce.

Small businesses just like Mocan and Green Grout café where we are today, run by Myles, David and Rebecca.

Small and family businesses are the backbone of our economy and the heartbeat of our communities.

Businesses have been playing their part, under very difficult circumstances, to lessen the impact of the pandemic on their business, their staff and the Australian economy.

As a community, we need to get behind our local businesses so that they can work through those tough decisions and come out on the other side and return to growth.

This is why the Government announced $5 million for a national campaign to encourage Australians to support their local small and family businesses.

The Go Local First campaign, run by the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA), will encourage Australians to buy and spend locally and foster an awareness of the important role of small business in the economy and community.

Now more than ever Australian small businesses need local communities to back them and support their recovery by choosing to shop with them either in-person or online.

When you need a product or service, Go Local First, to help local small businesses survive and thrive.

Australians know when they make the choice to go to their local small businesses, they are supporting their community and the national economy as a whole.

And it’s not just local shopkeepers and café owners – it’s the accountant, therapist, pharmacist, plumber, dentist, carpenter and the myriad of other service providers who keep our communities running.

As we know, when local small businesses prosper and grow, we all benefit.

Small and family businesses have shown great ingenuity by innovating and adapting during COVID-19.

The resourcefulness of Australians working together will see us emerge stronger on the other side.

I encourage everyone to actively support this significant campaign and do whatever you can to back the small and family businesses in your local community.

Thank you