New Head for Anti-Dumping Commission

Dr Bradley Armstrong has been appointed Australia’s new Anti-Dumping Commissioner.

Dr Armstrong brings extensive experience in both the public service and in the private sector to the role – most recently as Deputy Comptroller-General at the Australian Border Force. After beginning his career as an apprentice carpenter, he has worked in corporate management and commercial banking, and served as a senior diplomat in overseas posts. 

Dr Armstrong has the regulatory skills and experience to oversee Australia’s anti-dumping regime, and to continue the Commission’s robust, evidence-based investigations into dumping allegations.

He has been appointed following an open and merit-based recruitment process. He will start the role on 19 February.

I thank the outgoing Commissioner Dale Seymour for his contribution. During three terms as Commissioner, Mr Seymour implemented a new model of anti-dumping investigations which remains at the centre of the Commission’s work.

The Australian Government is committed to a strong, independent and robust anti-dumping system.

Our system is similar to many of our key trading partners and ensures Australian industry can compete on an even playing field, while remaining consistent with our international obligations.

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