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Making Australia a world leader in cyber security

28 November 2018

Two new landmark reports will guide the Coalition Government’s actions to make Australia a world leader in cyber security by creating the expertise and jobs we need to succeed in this rapidly expanding and critical global market.

The global cyber security market is expected to be worth US$250 billion by 2026 and the Coalition Government is committed to ensuring we can build our cyber security capacity to make Australia a global leader in the field, with all the economic benefits that this will bring.

The Cyber Security Industry Roadmap, launched by Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews, will guide the development of Australia’s cyber security sector, positioning us to become a global leader in cyber security solutions.

“The roadmap investigates how cyber security can enable our technology growth industries to seize business opportunities, and what actions and research priorities we will need to better take advantage of this burgeoning industry and the jobs it will generate for many Australians,” Minister Andrews said.

Minister Andrews also launched the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network’s (AustCyber’s) Sector Competitiveness Plan annual update, that together with the roadmap sets out clear steps on how Australian businesses and workers can be given the best chance to flourish in the industry, which is already driving significant jobs and investment.

The AustCyber plan incorporates the views of the cyber security industry, universities, as well as the government and confirmed that improving the cyber skills and education pathways of Australians are critical to expanding our cyber security sector.

Earlier this year the Coalition Government launched two new tertiary qualifications, as we create more skills-based cyber security professionals to capitalise on this growing industry.

The Coalition Government is committed to growing a stronger and more competitive Australian cyber security sector, as it will underpin the future digital evolution of every Australian industry, lead to more jobs and help keep our economy strong.

“This is about building an industry that creates jobs and opportunity for Australians both now and into the long-term future,” Minister Andrews said.

The Cyber Security Industry Roadmap is available at https://www.austcyber.com/resources/industryroadmap

The updated Sector Competitiveness Plan is available at https://www.austcyber.com/resources/sector-competitiveness-plan 

Media contact: Minister Andrews' office 02 6277 7070