Australian businesses share in $5.4m in grants

Twelve businesses will share in $5.4 million in funding in the latest round of Liberal National Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation grants.

The funding will help businesses from Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia take their products to market through steps such as product trials, development and market testing.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said the grants were designed to accelerate the development of projects with strong local and export market potential to help boost our economy and create more jobs.

“These sorts of high quality ideas will help position Australia’s technology capability on a global stage, helping to drive our economic growth further,” Minister Andrews said.

“The Coalition is committed to encouraging businesses with the initiative and ability to pursue ground-breaking ideas, to help improve their competitiveness.

“Since we launched this program in 2014, 375 grants worth over $186 million have been offered to boost Australian businesses in commercialising their technologies.” 

Part of the Liberal National Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, each of the grants will be matched by industry funding from the businesses.

The latest funding offers will assist:

  • Four Queensland businesses:
    • Pure Battery Technologies to help build a pilot manufacturing plant for its cheaper and more environmentally friendly processing of nickel and cobalt into battery materials.
    • Yondo to help commercialise Live Experience, the company’s product to record and edit pitch-perfect online demos, online classes and online walkthroughs to present as live events with real-time interaction. This will be done by expanding Yondo’s local staff and going to market in Australia and North America.
    • Evorce to help commercialise a platform which allows the speedy and collaborative resolution of post-divorce financial settlements.
    • Tom and Kath Long to help commercialise and market their sustainable packaging solution for transporting seafood – the TomKat KoolPak.
  • Four Victorian businesses:
    • Hemideina to help commercialise and gain equity investment for the Hera Wireless Implant, a low-powered, low-cost hearing solution.
    • Drawboard to help commercialise Bullclip in North American markets. Bullclip is a real-time drawing and document mark-up system for design and construction industries.
    • Immediation to help commercialise its online dispute resolution platform through pilot customer trials and the development of family law and workplace relations solutions.
    • Matrak to help commercialise a platform that automatically converts plans and drawings into a shared, interactive portal for efficient material tracking in the construction industry.
  • Two New South Wales businesses:
    • Energetique Mining Vehicles to support the establishment of a pilot production facility to manufacture its specialised heavy-duty lithium batteries for electric mining vehicles.
    • ShotTrack to help develop commercial prototypes and conduct trials at mine sites of its Remote Access Vibration Analysis product which relates to controlled explosions for the mining industry.
  • Two South Australian businesses:
    • Daitum to help build a production release version of its analytics software application, which makes AI and machine learning accessible to everyday users in areas such as mining, asset management and health.
    • Ping Services to help commercialise its aero-acoustic device which continuously monitors wind turbines for blade damage, significantly reducing detection times and reducing repair costs.

Accelerating Commercialisation grant applications can be lodged at any time for access to expert advice and matched funding grants of up to $1 million. These grants cover eligible commercialisation costs and help take products to market.

More information on the grant recipients is available at To apply for an Entrepreneurs’ Programme Accelerating Commercialisation grant, visit

Media contact: Minister Andrews' Office 02 6277 7070