Australian and NSW governments hold roundtable on future of rail manufacturing

The Australian and NSW governments are today holding a joint roundtable on the future of rail manufacturing, bringing together more than 100 of the most important and influential representatives of Australia’s rail manufacturing industry.

An initiative of the NSW and Australian Governments, this is another step in the process of mapping out a plan to restore and strengthen this critical industry in NSW and across Australia.

The roundtable will include a wide range of representatives, including rollingstock manufacturers along with small- and medium-sized businesses and unions involved in the wider rail manufacturing supply chain.

It will also involve academics, companies involved in research and development, along with transport and infrastructure department representatives from the Commonwealth, NSW and other states.

The Minns Labor Government will use the roundtable as an opportunity to hear directly from the rail manufacturing industry about what is working while also discussing barriers to further industry investment.

NSW supports the development of a nationally coordinated approach to rail manufacturing, supporting the development of a sustainable, ongoing work-stream for industry.

NSW will work with the Australian Government, industry and other states to put aside state rivalries and work together in the national interest.

When the Australian rail manufacturing industry is strong, the NSW rail manufacturing industry has a better chance to thrive.

The NSW Government welcomes the national coordination and leadership the Australian Government is providing in this space.

Quotes attributable to Assistant Federal Minister for Manufacturing Senator Tim Ayres:

“We want trains and rollingstock that are built and designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

“After countless bungles under the previous state government, NSW is now heading in the right direction. I commend the Minns Government for their commitment to build the next generation of trains locally.

“The National Rail Manufacturing Plan is the key component of the Albanese government’s plan to see more trains built and designed by Aussies.

“Our plan will ensure the sector is better placed to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities in rail procurement by driving a more nationally coordinated approach to rail manufacturing, to provide the certainty industry needs to invest in Australia.”

Quotes attributable to NSW Premier Chris Minns:

“This is a critical first step on the path to our commitment to build the next generation of trains that replace the Tangaras here in NSW.

“The only way we can rebuild our NSW rail manufacturing industry in a sustainable way is if we work with the Federal Government on a coordinated, national approach.

“We make some of the best trains in the world.

“This important work will give our companies and workers the best chance to compete with their overseas rivals.

“I want to thank Assistant Minister Ayres and the Albanese government. Today is a really good start.”

Quotes attributable to NSW Minister for Transport Jo Haylen:

“After 12 years of a Liberal government that abandoned manufacturing in NSW, it’s critical that the industry has confidence we are serious about repairing the damage they did. Bringing the industry together like today sends that message loud and clear.

“And just as importantly, it lets us hear directly from the industry and their supply chains about what’s working, as well as the barriers to further industry investment.

“Those insights will directly influence how we will approach the procurement of trains in NSW.”