The Hon Angus Taylor MP

The Hon Angus Taylor MP was sworn in as Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction on 29 May 2019

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction

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JONATHAN GREEN: Would you like a cheaper power bill? I'm sure you would. Do you trust the Government and what it's announced today to deliver that for you? Let us know - 0418 226 576, send us a

LEIGH SALES: The Prime Minister's putting energy companies on notice, that he expects electricity bills to come down before the next federal election, but alongside that is the challenge of

SUBJECTS: More reliable and affordable power; Border protection.
PRIME MINISTER: Good morning everyone. This morning Angus and I met Colin and Avril Greef here in Canberra and we want their

Electric vehicles will soon have access to an ultra-rapid charging network along the major driving routes from Brisbane to Adelaide, including around Sydney and Melbourne, and separately in

The Australian Government is supporting an Australian-first trial of a renewable hydrogen-powered electricity generation facility in Western Sydney.