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$500 Million in savings on the way for households and businesses through energy efficiency

31 March 2019

The Morrison Government has introduced new regulations that will make it easier for consumers to choose the air conditioner that best suits their needs and help them reduce their energy bills.

A new determination under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act 2012 will change the regulatory requirements for air conditioners.

Higher minimum energy performance standards will prevent the least efficient air conditioners from being supplied into Australia, reducing both energy costs and consumption.

Changes to air conditioning regulations will introduce a new energy rating label that shows how an air conditioner performs in different Australian climate zones.

The label will display star ratings and annual energy consumption figures for three different climate zones, rather than just one, so shoppers can choose the one that's right for where they live.

For example, a household in western Sydney could save $200 a year using the new label to choose an air conditioner for their two bedroom apartment. Net savings to the economy from the proposal are expected to be nearly $500 million, for products sold between 2020 and 2030.

The new regulations add to the other successful energy efficiency measures the Morrison Government has introduced to help businesses reduce their energy costs, households lower their energy bills, and Australia reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Suppliers seeking to register air conditioners from 1 April 2020 must comply with the new determination.

For further information, go to energyrating.gov.au