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Celebrating Australian excellence in measurement research

21 May 2018

University of Adelaide’s Professor Derek Abbott has been awarded the 2018 Barry Inglis Prize for excellence in measurement research by the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute (NMI).

Professor Abbott’s research has advanced the fundamental understanding of electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared, with a range of potential applications such as cancer detection, customized medicine, and quality control of pharmaceuticals.

For the first time, NMI awarded two young researcher prizes, to Mr Arman Siahvashi, and Dr Michael Vanner.

Mr Siahvashi is a PhD Candidate in engineering at the University of Western Australia whose work on low temperature measurements in hydrocarbons has promising applications in improving the distribution of some of the 37 million tonnes of Liquefied Natural Gas that Australia exports each year, worth over $16 billion.

Dr Vanner is an Australian who lecturers on experimental quantum physics at Imperial College London, and is recognised for outstanding contributions to precision measurement in the emerging new field of cavity quantum optomechanics, enhancing our understanding of physics.

Assistant Minister for Science, Senator the Hon. Zed Seselja, said that the work of Professor Abbott, Mr Siahvashi and Dr Vanner demonstrate the ongoing relevance of measurement science.

“There is almost no aspect of modern life that does not depend on, or at least benefit from, consistent, reliable measurement,” Senator Seselja said.

“Today, the NMI has recognised three leaders in measurement who have made valuable contributions to our wellbeing, to industry, and to fundamental research.”

CEO of the National Measurement Institute, Dr Bruce Warrington, noted that the announcement was held on World Metrology Day which marks the anniversary of the 1875 Metre Convention, one of the longest-standing treaties in the world.

“World Metrology Day is a reminder that the confidence we have in goods and services owes a great deal to the commitment of nations around the world to an agreed set of standards and a common language for measurement.”

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