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$7.3m to support innovative Australian companies

27 October 2015

Twenty Australian companies are the latest to benefit from $7.3 million in commercialisation grants assistance under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs' Programme to help launch their products into the global marketplace.

Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy welcomed the funding and said innovation was at the heart of the Government’s agenda.

“Australians are great innovators, but we need to turn our great ideas into commercial products,” Mr Roy said.

“The projects featured in this announcement are brilliant examples of Australia’s innovative ideas, and include the world’s first Kinetic Manufacturing 3D printer and an award‐winning Wave Energy Converter system.

“The commercialisation of these products will advance our industries and create new opportunities, as well as ensuring Australia’s intellectual property is protected.”

To date, the programme has provided 75 commercialisation grants worth more than $37 million to support Australian innovation.

The projects supported in this announcement include:

  • a world first Kinetic Manufacturing 3D printer for industrial markets
  • the development of a pioneering, award winning Wave Energy Converter system
  • the world’s smallest and toughest reusable arm splint to stabilise and support broken limbs
  • a technology platform to link approved pre‐gestational care guidelines with an individual's health information to help deliver the best standard of care in real time.

More information on the recipients can be found at www.business.gov.au/ac-grant-recipients

Details about the Entrepreneurs' Programme can be found at business.gov.au/entrepreneurs-programme or by phoning 13 28 46.

Mr Roy’s Office: 02 6277 4646