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Industry research collaboration making gains for Australia

7 May 2015

Advances in Australia’s science and research infrastructure are laying the platform for significant community and economic benefits, Minister for Industry and Science Ian Macfarlane said today while visiting three cutting-edge facilities at Monash University that illustrate the advantages of greater research and industry collaboration.

Mr Macfarlane said the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform, the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing, and the research facility being constructed at the Monash Health Translation Precinct are examples of the diverse range of fields in which Australian researchers have a competitive edge.

“These facilities at Monash University’s Clayton campus and Monash Health Translation Precinct’s Clayton site provide crystal clear examples of the type of collaboration the Australian Government wants to encourage across all of the economy, because they are turning world-class scientific research into real-world and commercial applications,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“These facilities all have capabilities to make both a local and global impact in their essential fields.

“By providing cutting edge research facilities in disciplines such as big data visualisation, aerospace and biomedical engineering and bench-to-bedside health research translation they offer significant opportunities for connections between industry and researchers in these fields.

“Collaboration is essential to realise the full benefit of our international standard universities, enabling Australia to move towards higher value-added industries that based on innovation and research.”

Mr Macfarlane said the Australian Government is committed to creating stronger links between research, science and industry to ensure competitiveness into the future.

“Science is at the heart of industry policy, and we are investing in science and industry infrastructure to ensure that science and research are driving growth in productivity and competiveness.

“The Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres will also facilitate stronger connections between industry and research in the critical areas of food and agribusiness; advanced manufacturing; mining equipment, technology and services; oil, gas and energy resources; and medical technologies and pharmaceuticals.

“A coordinated approach will be applied to existing and new science and research measures through a national policy that will articulate our strategic, long-term vision for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sector.”

The Government will consult with the community, including the business and research sectors, as part of the development of the national science policy, to be released later this year. Information on opportunities to participate will be available at http://www.science.gov.au/.

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Background information

Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform

The Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform is home to the most advanced data visualisation facility of its type in the world, the CAVE2, dubbed the “microscope of the 21st century”. It is powering discoveries across engineering, science and medicine by allowing researchers to step inside ultra-high resolution visualisations of their data, for example, to walk inside the brain or through a large-scale development project. The CAVE2 facility is located in the Monash University New Horizons Centre which was established in October 2013, with funding of $89.9 million from the Australian Government.

Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing

The Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing is creating new opportunities for high-end, high-value added, tailored manufacturing of components for the aerospace and biomedical industries. Additive manufacturing (including 3D printing) shortens product lead times and reduces production and material costs and eliminates wastage. It recently printed a proof-of-concept jet engine that received significant international industry interest. Launched in February 2013, the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing was awarded $4 million over four years by the Australian Research Council.

Monash Health Translation Precinct

Scheduled for completion in December, the Monash Health Translation Precinct Translational Research Facility will improve healthcare outcomes by connecting researchers and clinicians to ensure scientific discoveries are translated into clinical practice. This collaborative approach will develop new treatments, improve existing ones, and build preventative programmes that address health priority areas. The Facility received $71 million from the Australian Government.