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Flinders' Tonsley campus links students, research and business

10 March 2015

Industry and Science Minister Ian Macfarlane has congratulated Flinders University on establishing a new campus that integrates teaching with research and entrepreneurship in engineering, medical devices and nanoscale technology disciplines.

Opening Flinders at Tonsley on the site of Mitsubishi Australia’s former Tonsley Park car assembly plant, Mr Macfarlane said the new facility was an illustration of both the changing nature of global manufacturing, as well as the opportunities for growth in Australian jobs and industries.

“Australia’s industries of the future, like those being developed at Flinders at Tonsley, will be focused on innovation, research and reaching into global market places and global supply chains,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“The Australian Government has put science at the centre of industry policy, to assist the transformation of our domestic manufacturing and industry base to bring new focus on areas where Australia has competitive strength.

“We’re putting in place a comprehensive range of policies, strategies and programmes to achieve this, including the Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda.

“In high-performing, modern economies, businesses, scientists and researchers work together - just as they will at Flinders at Tonsley.”

Flinders University has invested $120 million in Flinders at Tonsley to co-locate its School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics, with its Medical Device Research Institute, Centre for Nanoscale Science and Technology, Flinders’ commercialisation agent, Flinders Partners and its New Venture Institute which connects the university to businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Co-locating these five entities at Tonsley brings together practical skills with academic expertise and reflects a sustainable future for manufacturing and industry which draws on Australia’s world-class science and research through industry-research collaboration.”

Mr Macfarlane unveiled a plaque marking the opening jointly with Baxter, a trainable industrial robot developed by a company established by Dr Rodney Brooks, a distinguished Flinders University alumnus.

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