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South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission tentative findings report

15 February 2016

The Government welcomes the release of the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Tentative Findings Report.

The Royal Commission, led by former Governor of South Australia, Rear Admiral the Hon Kevin Scarce AC CSC RAN (Rtd), was established by the South Australian Government on 19 March 2015 with the purpose of considering South Australia’s role in the nuclear fuel cycle.

The Government welcomes this initiative to discuss new and expanded industries that could create jobs, growth and significant revenue for Australia. Further, we welcome the constructive community participation that it has encouraged.

It is important to remember that although Australia does not generate nuclear energy, we have participated in the nuclear fuel cycle for more than 60 years, helping to create and export potentially life-saving medicine and cutting edge industrial technology.

The Government made an open, fact-based submission to help inform the Royal Commission on Australia’s current participation and obligations in the nuclear fuel cycle. Rather than pre-empting the Royal Commission’s final recommendations, this submission did not advocate any change to current policy. The expansion of Australia’s nuclear industry beyond its current scientific and medical purpose would require significant legislative and regulatory change.

The Royal Commission is a separate and distinct initiative to the Government’s process to establish a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility, which is well underway. This facility would store Australian generated, low and intermediate level waste only. It cannot and will not be built to store radioactive waste generated overseas or high level waste.

The Government looks forward to the Royal Commission’s final report being released by 6 May 2016. When released, we will carefully consider the final report and consult with the South Australian Government before responding.

A copy of the Royal Commission Tentative Findings Report can be seen at nuclearrc.sa.gov.au.

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