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Protecting Australian jobs from unfair trade

19 October 2017

New legislation to help ensure a level playing field for Australian manufacturers passed through Parliament today.

The Customs Amendment (Anti-Dumping Measures) Bill 2017 improves the process of conducting reviews of dumping measures to ensure Australian businesses are not being injured by the unfair dumping of products into our market.

Dumping occurs when the price of goods exported to Australia is lower than the price for those goods in the exporting country, which can cause injury to Australian industry.

The Bill was introduced by Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy in September, to ensure the anti-dumping operates as intended.

“Ensuring a robust and effective anti-dumping system is an essential part of the Australian Government’s commitment to free and fair trade,” Mr Laundy said.

“This legislation addresses potential behaviours by foreign exporters which operate against the intent of Australia’s anti-dumping system.”

This legislation has established an expanded range of methods that can be used by the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) to determine appropriate export prices to ensure effective measures remain in place, where such measures are appropriate.

This will prevent foreign exporters that stop exporting dumped goods for a period of time or export only small volumes of goods from exploiting reviews of dumping measures, taking advantage of movements in market prices to resume or initiate injurious dumping.

Since 2013, the ADC has initiated more than 93 new anti-dumping or subsidy investigations.

“Australia’s anti-dumping system is a complex space that requires both long-term vision and the ability to act rapidly to ensure all the interlinked processes operate efficiently,” Mr Laundy said.

“This change will ensure that Australian industries continue to have access to a strong anti-dumping system that delivers efficient and effective remedies for Australian businesses injured by dumping and subsidisation, while complying with our international obligations.”

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