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Mastercard Sydney Tech hub

14 November 2017

Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Craig Laundy, welcomed the inclusion of Sydney as the latest home for a Mastercard Global Tech Hub and Innovation centre as announced by Mastercard today.

Based in St Leonards, the hub will house Mastercard’s 560 Sydney staff and provide dedicated technology teams working in innovative areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber security.

Minister Laundy, who visited Mastercard’s New York Innovation Hub in September, said he was excited to see a similar centre being established in the city of Sydney.

“Not only will this hub provide technology and innovation services to businesses around the globe, it will also strengthen the city’s research capacities,” Mr Laundy said.

“Emerging technologies including automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to improve standards of living for all Australians as well as increasing the number of high-quality well-paid jobs.

“The Australian Government has an important and ongoing role to play to help transition the economy through the next wave of growth.

“We are working to create a diverse, flexible, resilient and dynamic economic base and a highly-skilled workforce that can identify and adapt to new technologies and emerging opportunities.

“We are continuing to work to ensure we have the right mix of policies to support people and assist businesses to transform and grow.

“The fact that Mastercard sees value in establishing a Global Tech Hub and Innovation centre in the city of Sydney strengthens our reputation as a technology destination.”

Media contact: Minister Laundy's office 02 6277 4345