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Ministers collaborate for resources sector

19 August 2016

The COAG Energy Council today in Canberra agreed for Ministers to collaborate on issues important for the resources sector.

These include supporting moves to increase the supply of gas, working together to combat the re-emergence of Coal Worker Pneumoconiosis (aka Black Lung); and coordinating future efforts to explore Australia’s resources in Northern Australia.

The Council noted that a key issue was to increase the overall supply of gas and, in particular, Ministers encouraged the gas supply industry to continue to engage with local communities and landholders to meet the interests of all groups and share the benefits of resource development.

The history of gas development in Australia demonstrates that gas projects need widespread community support to succeed. Industry has a key role to play in ensuring this support can be forthcoming.

Ministers agreed to collaborate on responding to the re-emergence of Black Lung. The emergence of this disease is of grave concern and all governments agreed to work together to raise awareness of this issue, work on a better screening program and assess appropriate coal dust standards at mines.

The Council also discussed the Commonwealth Government’s $100 million Exploring for the Future program.

This program will provide for the acquisition of necessary precompetitive geoscience data required to help boost exploration investment in the resources sector. 

The Commonwealth Government’s program will assist the industry to better target areas likely to contain the next major oil, gas and mineral deposits. 

Geoscience Australia will work closely with the State and Territory Geological Surveys to ensure the coordinated delivery of this important program. 

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