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New building and construction guidelines to protect homeowners

1 September 2014

The national launch of new procurement guidelines for the construction and building sector today will help better protect householders from faulty materials and products and help ensure peace of mind about one of their most significant investments – their home.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Bob Baldwin, launched the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council’s (APCC) guide - Procurement of Construction Products: a guide to achieving compliance in Canberra today.

He said the recent recall of flammable faulty electrical wiring (ACCC announcement) already installed in about 40,000 homes reminded everyone of the need for faulty material to be identified early on before it made its way to the market.

“Architects, engineers, builders, contractors, project managers, building surveyors, certifiers, building-owners, renovators and hardware suppliers will benefit from the free-guide because it highlights how to identify non-compliant building and construction products,” Mr Baldwin said.

“This guide will be a valuable resource for current and aspiring homeowners who make a significant, often life-long investment in real estate.

“The guide explains in clear terms what factors to consider in the procurement process in order to ensure building products meet an acceptable level of quality and compliance.”

“This guide has been a great example of industry mapping out the issues and demystifying the pathways to better building and construction product procurement.

“The guide has been a collaborative effort by the some 30 key building and construction industry stakeholders and the APCC.   It is great to see industry taking the lead in providing practical assistance to building and construction professionals.”

Faulty building material can be reported to the ACCC.

The guide is available free of charge at http://www.apcc.gov.au

Media contact: Mr Baldwin's office 02 6277 4200