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New proposals to reduce IP red tape and support Australian businesses

20 February 2015

Helping businesses to reduce regulatory costs and simplify administrative processes is the focus of a new discussion paper, Proposals to streamline IP processes and support small business, released today by the Australian Government.

The Government is consulting on ways to improve the IP system by reducing delays and complexity and better balancing the interests of innovators and competitors.

“Administrative processes that are too complicated or too onerous impose unnecessary costs on innovative Australian businesses dealing with the IP system,” Mrs Andrews said.

“This particularly affects small businesses, which play a vital creative and entrepreneurial role in Australia’s economy. The Government is committed to supporting business by reducing unnecessary red tape.

“I encourage everyone that deals with the IP system to let the Government know what they think about these proposals and whether they would help to reduce their regulatory costs.”

Several of the Government’s proposals will help businesses applying for IP rights by simplifying and aligning the administrative process, improving consistency across IP rights.

“Under some of the proposals, businesses that deal with more than one type of IP right would be able to use the same processes for each right,” Mrs Andrews said.

“Recognising the time pressures on businesses, those that need more time to provide information, or pay fees to IP Australia, would be able to use a streamlined process to obtain an extension, saving them time and money.”

Other proposals would reduce the time to complete examination of trademark applications, helping businesses that need to know their freedom to operate in a particular market.

Submissions are now open and will close on 7 April 2015. More information on the proposals and how to make a submission can be found on IP Australia’s website at http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/

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