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Turnbull Government reaffirms commitment on skills for the science and tech community

21 April 2017

Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Arthur Sinodinos, has reaffirmed the Government's commitment to the science and technology sectors.

"We have a skills gap in technical specialist roles in Australia. Through the development of a strong STEM sector locally we can ensure our economy has the workers it needs for the future. It's important where possible our employers first look locally and train up local employees before considering other options," said Minister Sinodinos.

“To help with this, we’re putting an obligation on ourselves as a Government and as a community to put more of a focus on training and providing the upgrading of skills of our own domestic workforce.

“We recognise that we are making significant visa reforms and that we need to remain vigilant that there are not unintended consequences. I will be engaging in an open dialogue with Australia’s innovation and technology sectors to ensure that we continue to support industry here in Australia,” said Minister Sinodinos.

"For employers looking for skilled IT workers today, where a shortage does exist, they'll still be able to employ the best and brightest foreign workers. There are a number of IT occupations on the new skills lists - this will ensure that our IT companies are not disadvantaged while we prepare more Australians for careers in technology and ICT through our investment in STEM."

The Coalition Government remains committed to Australia’s innovation sector through the National Innovation and Science Agenda, and there will be further announcements in the Budget around training funds and how they will be administered to maximise the impact of improving our skill levels.

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