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Data shows growth in research industry links

10 July 2017

Data collected by my department from Australian research organisations shows positive growth in researcher-industry collaborations in 2015.

The National Survey of Research Commercialisation has been reporting on how the publicly funded research sector collaborates with industry to transfer knowledge and commercialise research since 2000.

The creation of start-up companies and revenue raised from intellectual property licensing and consultancies, contract and collaborations are some useful indicators of research translation.

In 2015, universities, medical research institutes and other participating publicly funded research organisations established 42 new start-up companies - this is a significant increase over previous years’ data.

Revenue raised through intellectual property licensing agreements has risen 40 per cent with $183 million in 2015 up from the $130 million reported in 2014. Income generated from consultancies, contracts and collaborations totalled over $1.7 billion in 2015.

Other positive indicators include an increase in the number of commercialisation staff employed by research institutions, almost doubling from 287 employed nationwide in 2000 to 571 in 2015. And 52 of the 66 organisations surveyed offered industry skills training in 2015 to help their researchers work more effectively with industry partners.

The survey data is promising as we build Australia’s innovation system because innovation depends on our world class research organisations working more closely with industry to translate research into commercial applications.

For the first time, survey data has been released with an innovative visualisation tool that makes it more user friendly and accessible.

‘NSRC Viz’ allows anyone with an internet connection to play with the data to see how institutions perform across survey metrics and years.

Making the data more accessible will help government, industry, the research sector and the broader community, better recognise how research institutions are working to translate their great ideas into innovative solutions.

NSRC data and NSRC Viz are available at https://industry.gov.au/nsrc. Survey data is also published on data.gov.au.

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