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$34.5 m for business-research collaborations

7 February 2017

The Australian Government will invest $34.5 million in 17 projects involving cooperation between industry and research institutions on new technological solutions ranging from new biodegradable industrial lubricants to treating sleep apnoea.

Funding under the Cooperative Research Centre Projects (CRC-P) initiative supports short-term industry-led collaborations to solve industry problems and deliver tangible outcomes.

These 17 projects were selected from 57 compliant applications and, with $79.9 million in cash and in-kind inputs from more than 70 participating businesses, partnerships and research institutions, represent $114.4 million invested in outcomes-focused research.

Each project selected will apply high quality research to solving an industry-specific issue, or develop new products, technologies or services. This work supports the National Innovation and Science Agenda pillar to foster industry-research collaboration.”

Among the 17 projects funded is research into:

  • Developing cost-effective, self-sustaining glasshouses that regulate light to maximise crop yield, and produce and store electricity for heating, cooling and irrigation

  • Improving sleep apnoea therapies using treatments and devices tailored to individuals

  • Creating a manufacturing capability for a low cost point-of-care biosensor diagnostic device for early cancer detection as well as clinical trials and other pre-market work.

I am pleased to also be announcing a third CRC-P round.

My department will be taking applications until 22 March 2017 and I expect to announce funding outcomes in mid-2017.

Information on the second round recipients and how to apply for the third round is available from: www.business.gov.au/crc-p

Media contacts: Minister Sinodinos' office 02 6277 7070